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In my academic work I combine backgrounds coming from the studies of political science, film, art history, and philosophy. In 2014 I have been admitted to the PhD program at the Department of Cinema Studies at New York University. Here I am developing my interests in aesthetics and politics of World cinema, representations of things and spaces in post-socialist films, non-human features of cinema, found and archival footage-based films and their implications for the disciplines of historiography and memory studies, as well as contemporary artists' film/video art. I give talks, moderate discussions and present my papers in film, media, and contemporary art-related events.

After receiving BA degree in political sciences at Vilnius University, I was awarded Fulbright Scholarship to study in the US. Subsequently, I enrolled in the Media Studies MA program at The New School University (NY) in 2009. A complex correspondence between cinema and reality were in my mind all the way through my BA and MA studies and my career in film criticism. Therefore, I have chosen to write my MA thesis on the possibility of a non-representational cinematic realism. My MA thesis received the New School's Distinguished Master’s Thesis Award in a year 2011 and a shortened version of it was published in Film and Philosophy (ed. by Nerijus Milerius, PhD), a first academic book in Lithuania dedicated to the issues of film-philosophy.  

After my graduation from the New School University, from 2011 until 2014 I taught film theory and film history related courses in Vilnius Academy of Arts and in Lithuanian Academy of Music, Theater and Film. My research on the appropriation and re-signification of Socialist and Soviet nonfiction film archive in Eastern European films and video artworks has led up to a few conference presentations and an academic paper.

In addition to my academic commitments, I occasionally produce video installations and films. In 2006, together with Rugile Barzdziukaite, Dovydas Petravicius and Rugile Andziukeviciute I produced the award-winning short documentary “K City”. Later, I accomplished a three-channel video installation “Any-Space-Whatever”, alongside several other film and video works. Spatial and temporal becoming and instability of historical narratives are the main themes I deal with in my films and installations.

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Fall 2014 - Spring 2020. Ph.D. Candidate

at the Department of Cinema Studies,

New York University (NYU)





|n conversation with Béla Tarr (October 5, 2011, Gallery 101, Kaunas, Lithuania)



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In New York City

In conversation with Denis Côté (September 28, 2013, Kaunas International Film Festival, Kaunas, Lithuania)

In conversation with Sergei Loznitsa (December 5, 2012, Mediateque, Vilnius, Lithuania)

In a round-table discussion with Joaquim Sapinho and Pedro Duarte (January 18, 2014, CAC Reading Room, Vilnius, Lithuania)

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